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6/30 Yukirin Daily Roundup

Daily roundup of news about Yukirin.

6/26 Yukirin Mobame (Eng Trans)

English Translation of Yukirin’s Mobile Blog Post of June 26th.

6/25 Yukirin Mobame (Eng Trans)

English Translation of Yukirin’s Mobile Blog Post of June 25th.

6/25 Yukirin in New Glico Papico CM News

Earlier in the day, new AKB48 Glico Papico CMs was revealed at a press conference.  This time, the CM featured 2 members from each AKB48 team. Team A: Yokoyama Yui, Shimazaki Haruka Team K: Mukaichi Mion, Tano Yuka Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu Team 4: Kojima Mako, Takahashi Juri Team 8: Sakaguchi Nagisa, Yamada Nanami All the members were at the press conference except for Yukirin, Mayu and Nagisa.   The CMs feature a word phrase game in the dressing room where members have to say various phrases relating to “PabiPupePapico”. All the CMs are available on the official website: http://papico.glico.com/cm/index.html   Game instruction video:   Here are links to Yukirin’s wallpaper (Just different sizes): http://papico.glico.com/download/wp/kashiwagi1920_1200.jpg http://papico.glico.com/download/wp/kashiwagi1366_768.jpg http://papico.glico.com/download/wp/kashiwagi960_960.jpg   Yukirin’s action scene (lol):...

My Thoughts on Yukirin and the Bunshun Article

Note: Most of this was written 3 days after news broke, but I wanted to wait a bit before I write anything more or post my thoughts on the scandal. For one, I am a realist,  I am not one to jerk react to things (I never cared about these 48 “scandals”). I wanted to gather my thoughts, see what management will do and see what the online community thinks.   I have received quite a few requests for translations on stuff relating to the scandal, etc., the past two week, I won’t be doing that. I have no doubt other sites that cater to that curiosity already have done it. I will summarize the two main points from the AKB Bunshun Article of June 10, 2015, the article not only talks about Yukirin, but other members as well (Mayu, Tomu, etc). Of course, the main one is Yukirin which included pics of her with Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS and a 3rd pic of Yukirin leaving a hotel or something. The 2 Main points: – Yukirin was on a snowboarding trip with a group of people, the published photo is Yukirin in snowboard gear with Tegoshi – Yukirin was at a Hakone Onsen, the published photo is with Tegoshi wrapping arm around Yukirin’s neck while he was dressed in an onsen bathrobe These are the main points, anything else from the article is speculative and I won’t go into those.   Any time this happens, people who may not care about AKB will have a say on the topic. Especially in a day where our identity is somewhat anonymous, we can say whatever we want online, regardless of morals. People will create twitter accounts just for this purpose to bombard someone with negative comments. This is essentially harassment and it’s a crime. Online bullying/harassment is a prominent thing. Regardless of country, language or culture, it exists. Not to my surprise, management has decided to keep quiet on this scandal. AkiP was rather coy when he appeared on a radio show on June 13 and was asked about scandals. I am surprised at how some people do really think that AkiP knows nothing about Yukirin’s scandal. What he said was half-truths. Half-truths is an important thing to remember when hearing anything related to the Entertainment world.   The evolution of scandals in 48 Group, from Ayarin to now, the biggest difference (maybe they never really were in the first place) is that they are not a conventional idol group. Even...

6/18 Yukirin “Baitoru Press Conference” News Roundup

News Roundup of June 18th. Yukirin and Sasshi attended press conference of new Baito Campaign.

Yukirin World


「French Kiss no Kiss Tabi」 Season 2 News

As announced during the Imoto no Wifi event a few months ago, Kiss Tabi Season 2 would be happening in the summer. Yukirin, Akicha and Mocchi left Japan on June 9th and headed off to film the new season as posted in the official Imoto no Wifi twitter. The new season will begin in July.  Witnesses say that they are in Guam! Can’t wait to see where the girls will go this season. Toronto, anyone? Come to Toronto! LOL   キス旅ファンの皆様、大変お待たせいたしました…!#イモトのWiFi が提供する「フレンチ・キスのキス旅2」が2015年7月~スタートいたします!!!イモトのWiFiのTwitterでも、番組情報をつぶやいていきます!お楽しみに☆ pic.twitter.com/TkE4YvO28W — 【公式】イモトのWiFi (@imoto_no_WiFi) June 9,...

6/8 Yukirin News Roundup

On Monday June 8th, all Sousenkyo ranked members did photoshoot for the Mizugi Surprise first thing in the early morning.  Looking forward to see what Yukirin will be wearing. Right after that, they held a press conference announcing AKB48 as image character for FujiTV’s annual summer event, “お台場夢大陸~ドリームメガナツマツリ~Odaiba Dream Continent- Dream Mega Summer Festival~” The girls were dressed in yukata for full summer feel!   Photoset: 2015 06 08 Odaiba Press Con Newsclip:   Source: http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2053998/ http://news.walkerplus.com/article/59716/ http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/news/2015/06/08/gazo/G20150608010504140.html http://www.cinemacafe.net/article/2015/06/08/31753.html http://natalie.mu/music/news/149855   After the press conference, Yukirin, Sasshi, Jurina, Sayanee and Sakura headed to the AKB48 Sousenkyo Museum in Chiba for another press meet. This year, they got well known photography Leslie Kee to take pictures at the Sousenkyo as well as a photoshoot with the Senbatsu girls. As a gift to fans who were at the museum, they were allowed to take pictures of the girls! For the photoshoot with Leslie Kee, each member holds a flower. Of course, each flower has special meaning and it is meant for that certain member. Yukirin is holding a Lilium (orange lily). Now, which exact lilium is up for debate. My guess is 透百合 Lilium maculatum, which is native to Japan. The flower means gorgeous and pleasant, it suits Yukirin!   Photoset: 2015 06 08 Museum Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.jp/2015/06/08/akb-top7-museum_n_7532466.html Twitter- @yukichanprpr @sakura_3558 @ryokiRing & others...

6/7 Yukirin at 「After Sousenkyo Festival」 News Roundup

News Roundup of Yukirin at the After Sousenkyo Concert on June 7th.

My Thoughts on Yukirin & AKB48 Sousenkyo 2015

With the Sousenkyo behind us, I wanted to write down my thoughts. Kashiwagi Yuki. I have been her fan for 5 years now. I have watched her grow and mature into a wonderful woman. Yet, through it all, she still remains that same girl that I fell in love with in 2010. At the Tokyo Dome concert last year, Yukirin said she doesn’t want to graduate till she gets 1st. I thought, ‘wow, she finally said it’. There were also various other things including the AKB Newspaper photo of her with her placard declaring her desire for #1. It made me smile. Yukirin reiterated her desire again in her first blog of 2015. With that declaration, it really united Yukirin World. The Japanese committee started work early, earliest that I can recall as an AKB fan. They made the website available in English (I was honoured to be asked to help out in that regard) and in Chinese. Of course, there is always extra attention on the votes coming from the Chinese side after last year’s Sousenkyo, but in reality, those are not just from fans from China, but fans living in other countries too (Canada, US, Australia, Germany, etc.). The Chinese Team put in a lot of effort this year. There were also other fan campaigns in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand etc. Yukirin fans around the World were really fired up. It was nice to see everyone with a common goal. A goal that is shared with Yukirin. Prior to the announcement, I wondered to myself how disappointed I would be if Yukirin was 2nd. I, similar to many fans, spent a lot on votes for Yukirin. In retrospect, it’s like, ‘can’t believe I spent this much money on this’. As the announcement for the top came closer and closer, I got more and more nervous. I was even cold sweating at one point (lol). And finally, the 3rd place announcement. ‘AKB48 Team B, Wata….’ OMG, Yukirin beat Mayu, it’s just Yukirin vs Sasshi, could it be? Could it be possible? 2nd Place… ‘AKB48…’ “Nooooooooooooooooooo” I slammed on the table really hard in frustration. But then I saw Yukirin flash a very bright smile. She walked down the path, down the stairs, almost skipping (lol). She gave a great speech. Disappointment somehow never came, it was weird. It was like, we all did our absolute best that we could. I’m sure the fact that it was Sasshi that Yukirin lost to was part of the reason for me too....

6/6 Yukirin at 2015 AKB48 Sousenkyo News Roundup

News Roundup of Yukirin at the AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2015 as well as English Translation of Yukirin’s speech and tweets.

6/6 Yukirin at 2015 AKB48 Pre-Sousenkyo Concert Roundup

The 7th Annual AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo for the 41st Single took place at Fukuoka Yahoo Dome on June 6th. Prior to the results announcement, AKB48 Group had a concert and performed quite a few songs.   Yukirin took part in the follow songs: 01. Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai 02. UZA 03. First Rabbit 04. After Rain 05. Oogoe Diamond 06. Heavy Rotation 18. Barebare Bushi (Wonda song) 19. Flying Get 20. Kokoro no Placard 21. Ponytail no Shushu 22. Everyday Kachuusha 23. Iiwake Maybe 24. Kibouteki Refrain   Photoset: 2015 06 06 Pre-Sousenkyo Concert   Source: http://7gogo.jp/lp/CDFf35N9R1oWkVIvojdMdG== http://www.cinematoday.jp/gallery/E0007626/_T5X0488.JPG.html...

6/3 Young Jump Interview with Yukirin (Eng Trans)

English translation of Yukirin’s Interview in Young Jump 2015 Issue No. 27 about the Sousenkyo.

6/2 Yukirin at Sousenkyo Museum Press Conf News Roundup

News Roundup of Yukirin at the press conference for the opening of 2015 AKB48 Sousenkyo Museum

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