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NMB Reaction to Yukirin’s Kennin Cancellation Roundup

Following the shuffle annoucement that took place on March 26th at Saitama Super Arena, quite a few NMB48 members expressed their sadness over Yukirin’s NMB kennin (concurrent position) being cancelled on Twitter, Ameba Blog and g+. Here’s a roundup of the NMB48 members reaction (only relevant parts are translated)… (Let me know if I missed any posts from anyone)   Jo Eriko – Ameba Blog … And, there was a reformation announcement. There were kennin dismissals, new kennins and shuffled members From the same Team N as me, Sayaka-san, Team K Kennin continue Kotani-san, Team 4 Kennin dismissed Kashiwagi-san, Murashige-chan, Team N Kennin dismissed. I thought I would get to perform a stage with Kashiwagi-san & Murashige-chan so I am a bit disappointed (;_;) But, when I spoke to Kashiwagi-san about it She said [Definitely, we will perform once together] so I will hold on to the hope and believe it. … Konomi – Ameba Blog … There was an announcement. Personnel shuffle. For NMB48, Yukirin-san, Murashige-chan, Churi-san’s concurrency has been dismissed. There were increased opportunities to chat Just when it’s been so much fun… It’s quite sad …   Shu g+ … So during the concert, a shuffle was announced. Yukirin-san, Murashige… also Churi-san Just when I thought we could become better friends… I’m sad! Kato Yuka g+ … Members that had concurrency with NMB have been dismissed.. Yukirin-san, Murashige, Churi-san I’m so sad It came really too suddenly.. But there is still a chance… Though it’s rather complicated~. It would be great if new Team N can have a last Stage performance together …   Mirurun g+ … And, Yukirin-san & Murashige’s kennin have been cancelled. It’s very sad. Yukirin-san is really nice really a good person with charm a respected and helpful senior. … I look forward to when we can once again work together for various things …   Jonishi Kei Twitter Yukirso-san, Churi-san, Shige-chan’s kennin have been dismissed. I’m too sad.   Yuppi Twitter Yukirin-san, Shige-chan (;__;)(;__;)(;__;)   Akarin Twitter Yukirin-san, Murashige, Churi-san Too sad (>_< ) Would have been great if we had more time together (>_< )!! Yukirin-san’s performance is amazing which is no surprise. I was always dancing diagonally behind during the concurrency time, I was able to study lots cause of that. I went to watch Yukirin-san’s solo songs rehearsal for the concerts I learned a lot! I really wish we can dance more together (._.) I’m sad~ But, please work hard in NGT Although the time together will be...

3/29 Yukirin Mobame (Eng Trans)

English translation of Yukirin’s mobile blog from March 29th.

3/29 Yukirin Blog 「Handshake Event」 (Eng Trans)

English translation of Yukirin’s Ameba Blog Post from March 29th about the 3 days of handshake events.

3/27 Yukirin Mobame (Eng Trans)

English translation of Yukirin’s mobile blog from March 27th.

3/28 Yukirin g+ (Eng Trans)

Kashiwagi Yuki – 18:11 Thank you for the handshake event! Yesterday as well as today ^^ The concurrent position in NGT48, “Where ever you go, we will follow!” To hear that made me very very happy. Take care of me tomorrow too ok? https://plus.google.com/u/0/109547251260290757268/posts/d8RMvZbMP39   Note: I think Yukirin meant the other ついていくよ which is more common and is how I translated it~ Yukirin, I will follow you where ever you go too!!!!...

3/26 AKB48 SSA Concert Yukirin News Roundup

Yukirin at AKB48 Only Concert at Saitama Super Arena News Roundup

3/20 & 3/21 Yukirin Mobame (Eng Trans)

2015-03-20 16:22 (no subject) When the sun shines, it brightens my hair. But because my hair has grown quite a bit, it was time to redye it. Was supposed to be the same color as before, but it was surprisingly darker. Since the color will fade fast, it’s ok!!! When I get home today, I will play piano and try again to make cheese and plantain stuffed chicken breast thingy. ^ ^   2015-03-21 13:43 (no subject) Shooting NOW ^_^ Is lunch here yet? ^_^   So no surprise, Yukirin was dieting these few days cause it seems she has gravure shoots. lol I wonder if she plays piano regularly still or is it for something…...

3/19 Yukirin Mobame (Eng Trans)

2015-03-19 16:30 (no subject) It’s raining. It’s raining So cold~ (´Д` )   A weathercaster girl that didn’t bring an umbrella   I wore a hat so it’s ok right? ^ ^   Think...

3/18 Yukirin Blog 「Lately」 (Eng Trans)

English translation of Yukirin’s March 18th Blog Post

Yukirin Election 2015 Donation Drive for Oversea Fans (5/7)

As mentioned before, the Japanese Yukirin Election Committee has made it available for oversea fans to donate money to the “Yukirin for #1 Cause”  (hehe) To make it easier for oversea fans (and to save a bit on the bank transfer fee), I will accept money via Paypal and pool all the money together and send it to the Japanese Yukirin Election committee. Japanese Yukirin Election committee website: http://2015.yuki-election.com/     If you want to donate, send an email to () I will confirm and send you Paypal details. No amount is too small (or too big) Thanks!!! You can also contact me via twitter: https://twitter.com/sillythings48 Period to Send Money: March 21st to May 6th  Please check out other fan campaigns in links below. All donators will be provided with information such as total collected, amounted transferred, etc. Bonus gifts.  I will have a draw for donators and give away various Yukirin official photos (mostly doubles of photos that I intentionally or unintentionally got lol) and cds. Details to come on the actual gifts. For any donators that are interested, I will have a draw and give away the following two photos (one to each person): This is a Thank You from me to you all Yukirin fans!!!   To answer some questions… 1. Why not just collect money and buy the tickets? Given past experience, buying tickets is difficult when you are not living in Japan. Last year, Yukirin World did a great job securing 200 tickets but that was the limit.  Timing is also tight when the seller has to send us the tickets physically.   2. Can we trust you? I think my online presence as an AKB fan is sufficient enough (I hope), usually went by the username of Sillythings. I used to be very active on Stage48, since 2010. I was a timer/translator/QA for SUB48. I’m most active now on twitter (sillythings48) and for this website. For anyone that does donate, I will provide proof of money transfer to the Japanese Yukirin Committee bank account. I initially had planned this year to just donate and vote where I can because I wasn’t sure if I can commit to anything. But, several people have asked me to do something so here it is. haha   3. Can we trust the Japanese Committee? That is something for you to decide.   Cheers, Maddie   Other Yukirin Fangroup Campaigns Indonesian Yukirin Fangroup Ticket Drive: http://arupyon1290.tumblr.com/post/115557911896/vote-for-yukirin-fundraising Chinese Yukirin Fangroup: http://yuyuyukirin11.5150.cnaaa7.com/read.php?tid=3165 YumeNoRui on Stage48: Yumenorui on...

3/11 Yukirin Blog (Eng Trans)

English translation of Yukirin’s blog about March 11 and her visit to Minamisanriku.

3/2 – 3/12 Yukirin Mobame (Eng Trans)

3 mobile blog posts translations from 3/2 – 3/12

3/10 Yukirin Blog「Ramblings」(Eng Trans)

Ramblings 2015-03-10 17:15:11 I haven’t written in awhile. There have been various things hasn’t it?   Although I have no confidence in gathering the stuff, let’s try writing them. (・Д・)ノ   First of all, March 4th! The new song, has me and Kojima-san as W Center! 【Green Flash】 is on sale~   And, first week million sales and Oricon weekly chart No.1! Truly, thank you very much. So many people listened to this song that I love, I am truly happy from the bottom of my heart.   Even just a little, taking the long way is fine There might be good things tomorrow (Note: Lyrics from Green Flash) My favourite lyrics.   It would be great if this became a song that everyone loves.     Coupling song 【Haru no Hikari Chikazuita Natsu】 The dance and the mv were very stylish and cute. The outfits were totally different for every member~   This song only has AKB members so I was allowed to sing it.   I played with my hair accessories. Theme is a girl’s toy box. Please enjoy both songs.   Lately, I have appeared on a lot of magazines.   Weekly Playboy.   My offshot also got cameraman Tatsuo-san Please take a look.   Professionals are amazing I thought. Eh? This look like a page from the magazine doesn’t it? lol   An uncle that is tender and mean yet cute lol   So that’s how it was!!   Although somehow I can’t use my voice And my throat is sore but I am feeling just fine lol   I have been doing gravure shoots since this morning. Fun fun. Please also look forward to it Until next time   Long post, I may have gotten distracted along the way LOL but it’s nice that Yukirin posted. Congrats AKB on another Million...

Yukirin Election 2015 (Updated 3/4)

I’m happy to announce that the Japanese Yukirin Election Committee is now accepting donations from overseas!!!! The Japanese committee’s headquarter website : http://2015.yuki-election.com Also available in English and Chinese. I would like to start a donation drive. There is a bank transfer fee involved so I was thinking to we could do it in batches where I can accept money via Paypal and then send to the Japanese Committee directly. What do Yukirin fans think? From last year’s experience, only a limited number of tickets that can be bought without physically being in Japan. There was a lot of interest by everyone to donate more but we could not accept it. By donating to the Japanese committee, it makes it a lot easier. If you’re interested, let me know. Yukirin World Unite!!!! Maddie   Last year’s support video (a new one is coming…)...

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